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volunteer positions

Parents of students at Beaux Esprits are required to volunteer in either a Board position or Parent Duty for the year. To ensure participation two post dated cheques of $25, dated January 1 and July 1, are required. These will be returned when duties are fulfilled.

Board Positions

These positions need to be filled during the Registration Night/Annual General Meeting; they do not require experience, just enthusiasm. Meetings are once a month.

 1. Chairperson

 2. Secretary

 3. Treasurer

 4. Co-Treasurer

 5. Registrar

 6. Co- Registrar

 7. Fundraiser

 8. Co-Fundraiser

 9. Parent Duty Coordinator

10. Advertising Co-ordinator

Parent Duties

The full description and requirements of all these positions will be available at the registration night/general meeting.

1.  Classroom Party Setup/Cleanup

2.  Library

3.  Substitute Teachers

4.  Advertising

5.  Handy person

6.  Scholastic Books

7.  Craft Preparation

8.  Laundry/Recycling

9.  Sewing

10. Portable Sign

11. Toy Wash Coordinator

12. Wordbook Preparation

13. Fundraising Committee

14. Computer/Technical Support

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