General Meetings

To ensure open communication and a mutual understanding between all parties Beaux Esprits hosts a September General Meeting/Meet and Greet in the first week of school. A parent/guardian from each registered family is required to attend.



We work hard to keep our fees low but this would not be possible without fundraising each year. One major source of funding is the casino we participate in approximately every two years . Participation in this casino is mandatory for each registered family.  However, you are welcome to recruit a friend or family member to work the casino for you to fulfill your participation requirement. Should any conscientious beliefs prevent you from working our casino, please reconsider your involvement in our playschool. During non-casino years an alternative fundraiser will be organized by our Fundraising Committee. Each family is expected to participate in these fundraising efforts. Fundraising activities, aside from our casino may change from year to year.

Parent Duty/Board Member

Being a parent operated playschool, we require at least one parent or guardian from each family to participate in fulfilling a parent duty. These duties can be selected at the time of registration and range from being a member of the Beaux Esprits Board of Directors to coordinating Scholastic book orders or occasionally washing laundry. Most tasks require little time commitment and can be completed outside of school hours but make a big contribution to the smooth operation of the school.

Toy Wash

Keeping our school environment clean and healthy for our children is a big job but many hands make for light work, or so the saying goes. This is why each family is required to participate in one scheduled classroom toy wash. Should you have two children attending the school you would be expected to sign up for one toy wash space for each child. Toy washes are held in the evenings and can be signed up for at the Annual General Meeting. Parents who volunteer as a board member do not need to attend a toy wash.

Field Trips

For safe and enjoyable field trips we may require parent volunteers. Unfortunately, siblings are not allowed to attend field trips, and a non-smoking policy is in effect at all times.


Post-dated cheques are attached to all parental requirements. These cheques are cashed if the duties agreed to are not met.

***Please note that we require ALL families to participate in the casino and the option to cash the cheque in lieu of participation is not available.

The amounts of all cheques can be found on the registration checklist.